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Asphalt Paving Colorado Springs Residents New Update

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Asphalt Paving Colorado Springs Asphalt repairs are necessary within time as newly applied asphalt surfaces begin to wear and break down as they are repeatedly exposed to elements such as water, sunlight and chemicals.

Why Repairing Asphalt is Important? Two Main Reasons

There are two primary reasons why your parking lot should be in good condition.

First, keeping your parking lot in good condition for both vehicle traffic and foot traffic is important to the aesthetics of your business.  A clean, well maintained parking lot makes a good impression on those who visit your business.  Good upkeep of the physical appearance, including parking lot repairs sets the stage for everything else.

The second reason to make sure repairing driveway asphalt is a priority is a legal one known as premises liability.  Any personal injury accidents such as a trip-and-fall or damage to a vehicle might be grounds for a lawsuit.

In many states, all costs from medical care, long-term therapy, and medications, lost time from work and pain and suffering can be calculated into an award. If a pothole or other asphalt hazard leads to an injury, the owner and management company can be held financially responsible for substandard pavement conditions. However, the opposite can hold true as well – if you can demonstrate that attention to timely asphalt repairs has been done, this can help your defense against any such lawsuits.

An Important Lesson About Asphalt

All Asphalt Paving pavement is subject to atrophy over time.  The older the pavement, the more likely you will be faced with repairing asphalt in your the parking lot.

Surface breaks of any kind allow moisture to percolate below the surface, where it undermines the integrity of the pavement.  The liquid asphalt that binds the materials together begins to lose its natural resistance to water, allowing it to penetrate beneath the surface. Once this occurs the pavement can quickly fall prey to a number of different types of deterioration including cracks and potholes. Asphalt repairs and prevention will increase the longevity of any asphalt surface.  Sealing asphalt cracks can also be beneficial.

Avoid Costly Replacement

Before you experience a costly asphalt replacement, have an experienced, asphalt contractor walk your parking area and make an assessment.  Keeping up with regular parking lot maintenance, sealcoating, and filling potholes can help avert costly damage and repairs.

Whether you are a facility manager for a hospital, shopping center, grocery store, apartment complex, school, big box store, arena or other venue, asphalt repairs should be part of your parking lot maintenance plan.

It just takes minutes to have a professional paving contractor walk your parking area and make recommendations – those minutes can sometimes save you thousands.

At this point, you hopefully understand why are asphalt repairs important. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

About PAVCO Paving and Sealcoating

Pavco provides asphalt paving services for parking lots, repairs, overlays, driveways and major roads. We have been servicing the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas for over 30 years.
Pavco is fully licensed and bonded in the state of Colorado. Dedicated to delivering high-quality material, experienced installation or repair, and the best customer care in the business. We pay attention every aspect of your project to help ensure that your project is completed on time and on budget, looks great, and can stand up to years of foot or vehicle traffic.

We take your project seriously and the team at Pavco is focused on your satisfaction.  Paving and Sealcoating provides commercial organizations with the highest level of customer service, professional workmanship and services including:  asphalt paving, asphalt repairs and prevention, pothole repairs , sealcoating, line striping and marking, thermoplastic, crack filing, signs and safety devices, concrete sidewalks, concrete curbs and site preparation.  We use our experience and the latest equipment available to get the job done right the first time in a timely, cost effective manner.



Q1: What’s the difference between permeable and porous asphalt?

Ans: Porous asphalt allows water to pass-through the asphalt to a specially prepared gravel base. Permeable pavement provides a method to reduce runoff over impervious surfaces that allows for the management and treatment of storm water on-site while creating a usable area.

Q2: Do you provide snow plowing, salting and ice control services?

Ans: responds quickly to winter service requests. Wolf Paving will deliver sand, salt, and various mixes of sand and salt wherever needed, and we are proud to sell in de-icer varieties in small amounts or bulk quantities.

Q3: What should I do before you sealcoat my driveway or parking lot?

Ans: Leave the garage door open and remove any vehicles.

Q4: What do I need to do when you come to do the paving?

Ans: We will need full access to the site with garage doors open. We contact Diggers Hotline before starting any project.

Q5: Do I need to do anything after the paving is done?

Ans: Nothing specific is required. It is best to wait at least 24 hours before driving on the new surface. We often advise that you wait longer during hot weather. Following installation, be sure to follow a regular preventative maintenance plan, including sealcoating and crack filling, to keep your asphalt looking its best.


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