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Asphalt is one of the best paving materials because of its resilience and longevity. Due to its durability, it has been used on pavements, roads, parking lots, and driveways. However, it doesn’t last forever. After some time, pavements will develop gradual damage in the form of cracks, sinkholes, and potholes. Give us a call if your asphalt pavement or driveway is in bad shape and you need to have it repaired to increase its lifespan and save future replacement costs. 

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Why Should You Repair Asphalt?

Repairing your asphalt parking lot, pavement, or driveway is important. First, timely repairs will ensure you save any future costs and maintain its efficiency and longevity. Asphalt surfaces become more brittle and crack when exposed to adverse weather elements. The damage may grow bigger and harder to maintain with time. Therefore, filling potholes, seal coating, and maintenance will ensure your surfaces are always fit.

Repairs will also improve the aesthetics of your premises while ensuring any accidents are avoided. How your parking lot looks is important for your business, so ensure any potholes and cracks are dealt with to remove that ugly countenance. Also, any asphalt hazards and damages can cause car or pedestrian accidents. These can lead to lawsuits, making your company liable for poorly maintained pavements.

What Causes Asphalt Damage?

Although asphalt surfaces can withstand persistent UV rays and severe weather conditions for a long time, they are still susceptible to natural wear and tear. Water can cause gradual damage to your pavements, especially if your contractor does not apply proper seal coating. Water can easily penetrate through cracks, accessing the base and causing long-term instability.

Additionally, sunlight can strain pavements and roads after long exposure, causing the surfaces to become dry and crack. Improper installation can also have a bad effect on your asphalt pavements; weak installation enhances fatigue cracks. Moreover, trees can harm your pavement if their deep roots crack through the pavement or road.

Asphalt Repair Services We Offer

Asphalt repairs depend on your needs and requirements. Proper maintenance cannot be overstated, so make sure to engage an experienced Colorado Springs asphalt repair contractor for the best results.

Pavco offers several repair services, including:

  1. Pothole repairs. Sometimes your asphalt road or pavement may not require wholesale maintenance, especially if it’s just a few potholes that can be filled. Sealing potholes is cost-effective, and we can do that efficiently using the right material to prevent further damage.
  2. Crack filling. Cracks can let in water and heat, which weaken your asphalt pavement. We offer crack-filling services and use efficient hot rubber sealants to ensure your parking lot and pavement remain resilient.
  3. Asphalt patching. Although asphalt surfaces are durable and strong, cracks, holes, and other damages may become evident. These strains may incur resurfacing and replacement costs unless patching is done. We are experienced at asphalt patching services to enhance your pavement’s aesthetic look and longevity.
  4. Asphalt resurfacing. Your pavement can suffer from extensive wear and tear, and resurfacing may be required to get a new lease on life. We can repair your pavement and apply a new asphalt layer through our experienced contractors.

Transform Your Pavement with Pavco’s Expert Repair Services!

Different things may cause long-term pavement damage, and you should talk to professional contractors to handle timely repairs to prevent further damage. At Pavco, we can help you repair your paved surfaces that need maintenance. We offer different repair services for residential and commercial customers, including resurfacing, patching, crack filling, and pothole repairs. Our experts handle all operations effectively and will set up specific plans that address your particular repair needs or requests. Contact us today regarding any questions and services you need.



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